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We offer Service and Repairs on BMW and Mercedes. Our main focus
is on Regular Maintenance, Service and Repairs, Tune-ups, Inspection 1 or 2
for BMW's, A or B Service on Mercedes Benz, Brake Service and General repair.

We offer Tech inspection for DE cars. For the more performance orientated customer, some of our work includes forced Induction, custom suspension setups including corner weighing and custom alignments.

We also offer tire mounting and balancing, as well as Nitrogen fills.

Our hours of operation are by appointment only. We would like the opportunity to earn your business. Please call us at (813) 348-6183 for an appointment.

Thomas, owner Cars and Concepts Tampa Florida.

Cars and Concepts, celebrating 20 years in business!

Need to make an appoinment with us? We handle BMW Repairs and Mercedes Repairs. We also handle alignments (stock or aftermarket) as well. Give us a call today!
Phone: 813.348.6183
Hours: By appointment only

4711 N. Manhattan Ave.
Tampa, Florida 33614

Vist Motorsports Concepts for more information about what we have to offer for your BMW. From carbon airboxes to Alpha N, our store carrys the very best products.

We not only sell performance parts, we install them and test them at verious race tracks. We build race-cars as well.

We've tested at Sebring Raceway, Homestead Raceway, Barber Motorsports Park, and many more. We can help set up your cars handling; tune your Alpha N systems, and much more. Give us a call today to setup an appointment! 813.348.6183

We are a growing European repair shop, with a great reputation in the Tampa bay area and have been in business for 20 Years now. We offer a great selection of the latest tools, Hunter alignment machine, scales, Nussbaum lifts ( made in Germany ), Mercedes SDS, BMW GT-1, AutoLogic and Snap on scanners etc.

We service BMW's and Mercedes We perform regular maintenance and repairs. And also do custom work on these vehicles, for instance super/ turbo charging for the more performance orientated customer, Custom suspension setups including corner weighing and custom alignments.

Manufactures & Dealer warranties, what you need to know.

Don't let your factory warranty expire without taking your car to an Independent Repair Shop. For the simple reason that you should get everything repaired and taking care of while your car is still protected by its factory warranty. I suppose with me telling you this I am essentially taking work away from myself. At any rate it's the right thing to do.

When you take your car to the dealer and ask them to look your car over because it is about to run out of its warranty, don't keep your hopes up to high to get everything covered. They are not allowed to sell warranty work. They only address issues you complain about or bring to their attention.

That's the reason it is so important that you bring your car to an Independent Repair Shop, so they can inspected it and point out any of the problems you car may have. Have the Independent shop write up all the potential problems down for you. With this information you can go to the dealer and have them repair your car so you don't end up paying for these costly repairs due to missing out while you were covered.

Help on Extended Warranties

Auto owners are getting hit with all kinds of extended warranty offers by independent companies in the mail. What should they do before they buy?

  1. You'll have to do your homework to make sure the company has a good rating I would suggest Google is your friend in this case. Lets say US Fidelis offers you a plan, go online you will find that a class action lawsuit has been filed against US Fidelis. Keep in mind you are tied to this warranty company for many years to come, due diligence is of essence, take your time and read the fine print.

  2. This is important too, if a warranty company has a silver, gold or platinum plan go with the best plan they have to offer. A lot of times the silver and gold plan may have to many exclusions and therefore could become more of a hassle. The better plans also offer a lower or no deductible and better rental car compensation. Don't try to look for bargains there is no good cheap plan. And don't let any warranty company make you believe everything is covered (bumper to bumper) like a factory warranty.

  3. Ask the warranty company what there exclusions are. Find out if they want you to use substandard (used, quality like or aftermarket) parts to fix your car. For instance we had a customer that needed a transmission for his BMW we estimated a new 6 speed transmission from the dealer, instead the warranty company was insisting on supplying a transmission they have found on E-bay. As a compromise we found a used transmission locally that came with a 6 month warranty.

  4. Find out if there is a cap on how many dollars the warranty company will pay out for your repairs. Some companies will only pay out what you pay in, that's not a good plan. Some companies may also have a cap on what they pay on shop labor rate. As an example the warranty company may pay up to $ 80.00 dollar per labor hour and the shop you go to charges $ 95.00 dollars then you are left to pay the difference.

How do you know which warranty to go with?

  1. Talk to your Independent repair shop or dealer. Ask them who they would recommend. They deal with these warranty companies on a daily bases. They can tell you which warranty company they have had good experience with.

  2. Once you find a warranty company you like, bring the information to your shop and have them read the plan. Your shop should be able to look at a plan and be able to tell you if this is a good plan for you or not. Your repair shop can find out if the parts are covered that usually fail on your model car.

What are the pros and cons of buying an extended warranty from someone other than a dealer?

  1. Positive thing that I see is that it's convenient to buy a plan from the dealer, sometimes they are able to roll the cost of a warranty plan into the purchase price. Keep in mind though that the dealer may get a kick back towards the warranty they sell to you. So if you shop for your own plan, you may save a few dollars that way.

  2. You can also check with your bank or credit union they may offer a good warranty plan that will suit your needs.

When should someone buy an extended warranty?

  1. Best time to buy is while the car still covered under the factory warranty. The extended warranty company gives credit or discounts for cars that are still warranted by the manufacturer. And there are some warranty companies that don't write a plan once your factory warranty is expired.

  2. If you plan on keeping the car for longer period of time and don't want the hassles and surprises of expensive car repairs. A good plan can give you peace of mind and shouldn't be a headache in case you need to use it.